Our shared sewing facility received an exemption from the state of PA to reopen.   High Tail Designs and the other brands working here are teaming up to convert a large portion of our manufacturing lines over to making masks in an effort to service our community, state, and front line workers. 

We are still accepting normal orders. Due to the effects of the pandemic, we are very understaffed and have only one person in production. 

Gear orders are shipping in 10-22 days. 
Mask turnaround is 5-15 days unless also you also ordered gear.

Bear with us, we should be caught up soon!

High Tail Designs x Hannah Beimborn

Three New Ultralight Fanny Pack Colorways

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Featured Fanny Pack: "Canyonlands"

Take Me There

Playful, Bold, Expressive

You're out there to have fun, why can't your gear reflect that?

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Art Collaborations

"Low Poly" By Ryosuke Kawato

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New Rain Shells!

Three new ultralight, technical jackets for every situation

Built for the Trail.

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