HTD x Andrew Marshall

What Your Purchase Supports: This series is an artist collaboration.  The artist collects 15% of the proceeds from the sale of their designs, keeping them hard at work doing what they love!  Support independent art!

Andrew Marshall is an award-winning painter, photographer, and freelance writer. He writes about science, nature, and exploration for Explorer's Web, bikes for BikeRumor, backpacking for Backpacking Light, and outdoor news for GearJunkie, among other outlets. Andrew's essays, illustrations, photographs, and poems can be found scattered across the web and in a variety of extremely low-paying literary journals. 

As a writer, Andrew is concerned with the absurdity and grace of everyday life, the sublime and messy intersection of humankind with the natural world, and the ways that grief, hardship, and loss can be entangled with humor.

As a painter, Andrew practices what he calls “natural expressionism.” He is only concerned with rendering realistic forms to a certain degree, at which point his focus becomes exaggerating and expressing the internal and external characteristics of his subjects. His paintings are highly influenced by his early background as a documentary filmmaker.

You can find more of his work at on Instagram and Facebook, and on Twitter (for as long as that lasts) @pawn_andrew.